Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rompers For Lazy Girls

Even though i obsess about fashion and love to look great all the time, sometimes my laziness gets the best of me. Working long hours at my store Pop Culture i sometimes get lazy and start to repeat outfits frequently or just throw on a pair of tights and tunic. Rompers however are the perfect invention for lazy people like me! Its an in tire outfit in one. Some people call them onesie i call them Perfect. You have to put absolutely no thought into your outfit and u can look stylish, no more finding tops to match Ur bottoms. Not to mention they are extremely comfy and not as restricting as a tight or short dress can be :)
-shear cardigan $39.50
-silk romper $39.50
*All from Pop Culture Stores (

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  1. i really love this look, because as you said, its easy to wear, yet it looks very stylish!