Thursday, March 25, 2010

black and grey all day everyday

When in doubt wear black and grey! These 2 colors go so well together and look chic no matter what your wearing. 90 percent of the time i wear black and grey everyday to work. As the weather gets warmer its hard for me to transition into a spring wardrobe since i love fall styles.
I cant help it though, ill be the one wearing black in the summer

Blazer forever 21
Tee Express
Tights Pop culture stores
Shoes Boutique 9

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grandma Chic

I am notorious for owning numerous amounts of "grandma dresses". I however disagree, these are vintage inspired loose dresses usually in some sort of print. What defines a grandma dress anyway? To me they are really easy to wear and easy to accessorize. This dress in particular i found off a clearance rack at Urban Outfitters. I paired it with some cute silver flats and a great cross body bag by Rachel Roy. So next time ur grandma wants to get rid of her old dresses just think of how u can accessorize and make it work!
- wrap dress $39 Urban Outfitters
-Chain Cross body bag $69 Rachel Roy
-Silver Flats $49 nine west

I Die for this!!!

If only i had $13,000 this jacket would be in my closet!! I first saw Micheal Jackson rock a Bailman jacket in "This is It" and couldn't stop drooling over the perfection and craftsmanship. This is truly sent from the fashion Gods above to the privileged. Since then Ive seen everyone from Rhianna, Beyonce, Victoria Beckhem ..... wear these amazing jackets. I'm dieing to find a replica to carry in my store but haven't come across any yet :(
If i had to pick and outfit to wear for the rest of my life this jacket would definitely be it!
*Bailman Jacket

Rompers For Lazy Girls

Even though i obsess about fashion and love to look great all the time, sometimes my laziness gets the best of me. Working long hours at my store Pop Culture i sometimes get lazy and start to repeat outfits frequently or just throw on a pair of tights and tunic. Rompers however are the perfect invention for lazy people like me! Its an in tire outfit in one. Some people call them onesie i call them Perfect. You have to put absolutely no thought into your outfit and u can look stylish, no more finding tops to match Ur bottoms. Not to mention they are extremely comfy and not as restricting as a tight or short dress can be :)
-shear cardigan $39.50
-silk romper $39.50
*All from Pop Culture Stores (